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ActiveRain Success Story: The Times They Are A Changin'

Time For ChangePreviously, on ActiveRain...

I wish I had thrown a date in the ActiveRain Success Story (quoted below) that I wrote.  It seems like I wrote it about fifty years ago (I haven't even been alive that long, despite what you may think), but I'm guessing it was somewhere around a year ago, maybe more.  My time at ActiveRain has been fruitful; bringing me clients, friends, and contact with all sorts of influential people in the real estate industry.  It's garnered me recognition, both as a Realtor® and a blogger/tech-geek.  It's made me money and cost me nothing (other than a few sleepless nights when I just had to get an idea written out).  I have to repeat myself - it's been great.

My time on ActiveRain has been great.  I started here with the intention of "cutting my blogging teeth" so to speak and its done wonders for me.  I've been able to learn what I like and don't like in blogs and find my style as I write more and more.  Its opened up networking opportunities (my referral network reaches far and wide now), taught me a thing or two that I didn't know, and allowed me to make friends with people I might not otherwise know.  I've learned more than I can imagine right here on these pages - from technology to changes in the laws affecting real estate to negotiating tips to staging advice to new products.  It's like a giant online classroom - with a sense of fun and humor to it as well.  Many people might gauge their success on ActiveRain in dollars and cents, but I gauge it in what its done for me...the dollars and cents will follow.  I look forward to reading this in a year's time and seeing what I have to say about it then.

But times do change...

Through my time here on ActiveRain, real estate has changed and so have I.  You've probably changed a bit to since we first met.  We all do.  Time brings about change, no matter how much we try to stop it.  I blog a little less here at ActiveRain now and my focus has shifted a bit from being all about local real estate to covering much broader topics and focusing a bit more on giving back of my experiences and thoughts.  I spend more time here talking about the real estate industry and ideas about how to do this or that.  I guess in a way, I've moved into a more educational role here at ActiveRain, but instead of educating buyers and sellers (I do plenty of that at I tend to focus on the people around me, the members of ActiveRain and other real estate bloggers.  One of the facts you may not know about me is that I once wanted to be a teacher - I have a strong desire to help others through education and the sharing of knowledge.

So with that said, I write my next ActiveRain Success Story...

As an ActiveRain Ambassador, I've been given the opportunity to talk to many new (and not so new) members and share my tech-geekiness and love of real estate technology/blogging with many of them.  I've been able to connect with consumers (and generate business), expand my referral network, and speak with many influential people in the real estate industry.  As my recognition as a Realtor® and blogger has grown, I have been able to share my experiences and knowledge with the ActiveRain network - helping them as they once helped me.  My success comes in many flavors, but it has recently shifted into the education side of real estate, something I had an interest in, and ActiveRain has allowed me to expand that side of things.  As I continue to blog here at ActiveRain, you can expect to see much more information geared towards expanding the community's use and understanding of many of the tools and technology that we have access to.

So, who thought I was leaving after they read the first few lines of this post?

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