San Antonio's Rockstar Turned Realtor®: May 2009

San Antonio Camera Phone on - There's A Storm Brewing

A view down my street of an approaching thunderstorm.

I've always loved thunderstorms.

Today was a gorgeous day, but a storm was on its way.  As it approached and I noticed the change, I went into the middle of my street to check it out.  The above photo is the approaching storm as it built up on what had been a perfect, gorgeous day.  I decided to use the photos for my San Antonio Camera Phone series on my RErockstar site.  I didn't want to write an essay of the storm though, so I had more photos than I needed or thought would look good in the post, but I wanted to share them here.  They were all quick snaps with my iPhone, no filtering or editing.  I have to say, I'm impressed with the iPhone's camera so far.  Time for me to be quiet and let you enjoy the photos (click on any of the photos to see the original post at RErockstar).

Puffy white clouds, blue sky, sunshine, and an impending storm make for an interesting mix of color.

Dark clouds begin to fill in over the trees in my backyard.

Comment balloon 10 commentsMatt Stigliano • May 24 2009 06:34PM
San Antonio Camera Phone on RErockstar. com - There's A Storm Brewing
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