San Antonio's Rockstar Turned Realtor®: September 2009

I Need Your Help. Your Reward? Great Blogs With Great Info. REBlogworld/Blogworld Expo In Las Vegas!

Blogworld and New Media Expo sign.

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I love blogging.

You may have noticed before, but it's a fact, I love to blog about real estate.  It's good for my business, but I actually find it enjoyable too.  In that vein, I would like to make it to this year's Blogworld and New Media Expo (including REBlogworld).  Of course, these things cost money and there are expenses...blah blah blah.  However, Alltop is sponsoring a contest to allow 3 lucky winners to attend this year's event.

I entered, but I need your help.  First of all, I misread a rule, which has seriously put me behind the curve.  I thought I was doing okay, but realized that the rule was rather specific and I needed to get moving - so I turn to you, the ActiveRain community for help.

The grand prize for the contest is entrance to the conference as well as hotel accommodations.  With those two paid for, I can deal with the flights and food for the three days.  I need to win this.  Imagine how many blogs I'll churn out when I get back with all the new info I've acquired.  Think of me as your Blogworld corespondent.  I will report back to you - all you have to do is get me to the top!  I don't know what it will take to get me there (I don't even know who's in the lead), but with the power of the ActiveRain and Twitter community, I'm willing to bet (Las Vegas - get it?) that I can win this!

Imagine how this will benefit the ActiveRain community as well!  Having the power of 160K+ members pushing to help me accomplish this goal will certainly make people think that ActiveRain is the place to be.

Here's what I need:

First, reblog this post if you can.  By spreading the word, there will be more opportunity for more people to act upon it.  Put it in every category you can think of and make sure everyone of ActiveRain's members see it!  I could care less about the points gained from the reblogs, so ActiveRain can pull the points - this is about getting me to Blogworld and REBlogworld.

Second, you need to retweet the information necessary in order for me to be counted.  Visit MyAlltop page and at the bottom you will see a "retweet" button:

Retweet button at MyAlltop.

Click the retweet button.  Click it whenever you have a few free seconds.  Tell your friends to click it.  Please don't sit there and click it 100 times in a row.  I don't want to get the boot for "stuffing the ballot box."  The contest ends at 8:00 am Pacific Time on October 1, 2009, so I need your clicks up until then.  Let's get as many as we can and show everyone the power of ActiveRain, get me to Vegas, and let me bring back and share all that I have learned!

Please use the retweet button and have everyone you know retweet it too!  This would be huge for me and I appreciate all the help I can get!

Comment balloon 43 commentsMatt Stigliano • September 27 2009 12:23PM
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