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Winner Announcement of the "Life! By Design Contest" By Tom Ferry

Always good to read a post like this!

So it appears I've won a month of coaching thanks to my post "I hate Tom Ferry. - My Life! By Design."  The post was actually fun to write and to learn that Tom had the humor to not take offense to my declaration of hatred towards him made it even better.

If you didn't enter, I would still suggest you read through the contest post and do the exercise, I found it to be rather helpful.  I look forward to experiencing coaching (never had a coach other than my dad at Little League) and as I'm sure you've guessed by now, will blog about my experiences - good or bad.  I'm sure Tom will make sure I have a good experience though, because he knows I'm always upfront with my thoughts, especially when I'm giving a review of a product or service.

Congratulations to the other winners and participants!

PS Tom, you nailed "Stigliano" and believe me, I've heard it butchered more often than not!

UPDATE: I just received my signed copy of "Life! By Design: 6 Steps to an Extraordinary You" (Amazon affiliate link)in the mail, so expect some blog posts to start appearing as I make my way through the chapters. My coaching with Tom begins in a few days as well, so I'll be updating everyone on that. You can also check for posts and updates.


Winner Announcement of the "Life! By Design Contest" By Tom Ferry

This past weekend at RainCamp LA, the winners were announced of the "Life By Design Contest" that was being promoted over on Bob Stewarts Blog Post.  It was announced on Saturday that Tom Ferry's Book "Life By Design" is now a National Top Seller ranking #4 in the Nation.

Congratulations Tom, and thank you for joining us and speaking at RainCamp in Los Angeles.  We have received great responses from all those who attended, and your presentation was over the top! We were honored to have Tom Ferry as a part of the RainCamp LA event.  Tom's humor, insights, stories and content was "Top Shelf!"  We have a good suspicion that the "Life! By Design" book will soon be the #1 National BEST Seller.  Why, because Tom said so, and if you know Tom, then you know he's going to make it happen!

So here's a repeat of the contest description and rules:


1. Read the preview chapter of the book found here: Chapter 4, The Problem of No Problems

2. Choose one of the following exercises and write a 300-500 word blog post about your experience with the exercise.

  • The exercise on page 39 of the excerpt
  • The exercise that starts on page 46 and goes to page 48. Pick one of the three areas: Professional, Lifestyle, or Health and Vitality and complete the exercise for that section
  • The exercise on page 54 (pick one question and write 300-500 words for one question or feel free to pick more than one question and submit smaller answers to multiple questions in one post)
(**completing the exercise itself, doesn't qualify you for the challenge. You need to have a 300-500 word blog post about your experience with the exercise. What did you learn? Did you realize something you had previously been ignoring? Did this bit of reflection cause you to want to get more introspective? You get the idea, right? Get something out of the exercise and share it with us)

3. Blog posts should include 'My LIFE! By DESIGN' somewhere in the title of the post.

4. At the footer of your post, please include this (including the picture):


2500 points for every post submitted

  1. one (1) Apple iPad (16GB) ~$499
  2. One (1) hour of consulting with Tom Ferry via skype or phone (If you are local to Tom you can come into the office) ~ $1500
  3. One month of Power Coaching ~ $499
  4. Upfront seat for 2 at Tom's Success Summit ~ $598
  5. Expired Edge program and one month service of (auto dialer system) ~$369
  6. Copy of Tom's Home Study Course ~ $75
  7. Autographed copy of LIFE! By DESIGN ~ Priceless!

The contest will end on April 23rd at Noon Central Time. Any posts written after that will not be eligible for the points or the prizes. Each post will be given one entry in the drawing for these great prizes. We will announce the date of the drawing soon, but it will be shortly after the conclusion of the challenge.

(RainCamp LA was the chosen place and time for the contest drawing!)


Now I could just list the names and what they won, but watching the actual drawing seems so much more exciting and something that everyone would probably enjoy more.  So here it is, a live recording of the drawing which took place backstage at RainCamp LA with Tom Ferry, myself, Lauren Bernstein, Doug Ching, and Jon Washburn as witnesses to its authenticity.

Congratulations once again to Tom Ferry, and to ALL the winners of the contest, especially the "winner" of the New iPad.  I have to admit that I was a bit jealous, and had I not been doing the video recording for this post, I think I could have out-run everyone there.  I could actually visualize and see myself snatching up and running off with one of Tom's books and the new iPad he was sporting for this drawing!  lol~ 

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Always good to read a post like this! So it appears I've won a month of coaching thanks to my post " I hate Tom Ferry. - My Life! By Design. " The post was actually fun to write and to learn that Tom had the humor to not take… more
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