San Antonio's Rockstar Turned Realtor®: April 2011

Where do I start? At the end of course.

Red Sky at Night...End.  Beginning.  Beginning.  End.

Life.  Death.  Endless circles...alright, I'll cut the nonsense.  I'm here to wish you all farewell.  I'm leaving ActiveRain.  My reasons are varied, but none are earth shattering.  There is no sudden "I hate ActiveRain" swagger down here in San Antonio.  No, in fact I leave with good memories of my time here.  From meeting new friends, to learning new things, to debating with some of the best of them on the issues that our industry faces everyday.  I've loved all (well, almost all) of my time here.

I credit ActiveRain with really helping me find a voice in real estate blogging...the voice was mine, but the platform was ActiveRain (although I must credit AgentGenius for really giving me my first blogging opportunities).  I grew up a lot here in ActiveRain - figuring out who I wanted to be as a real estate agent and gained a bit of notoriety doing it.  My posts here have gained me attention in many different circles - from our industry to the press to consumers.

My leaving is not a reflection on the company (although until they remove the check photos, I will continue to have a problem with the message they are sending) and I wish them nothing but continued success, particularly as they transition to their new form without Jon.  As for the staff, past and present, I hope to meet you all somewhere down the line - some of you have been more than just the "people that work at ActiveRain" and far exceeded my expectations many times.  As for the connections with agents and others in our industry - I'll always value those and I hope you'll continue to say hello and offer your thoughts on my other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else is yet to be invented.

There's a million places you can find me online and soon there will be more.  As I focus my energy, I truly do hope to see you all out there in the great world wide web (do they still call it that?).

I wrote my first blog here on November 3, 2008.  The title?  "A new day is dawning..."  I thought the photo I selected for my last post might make up for the lack of one in my first.  A circle if you will.  End.  Beginning.  Beginning.  End.

From that very same article, a quote:

I like to share what I know, learn what I don't, and mull over everything in between.

I think I lived up to that quote quite well and I give you my promise to continue to do so.


I'm sure some people might speculate that I am leaving to pursue some project outside of real estate, but I'm not.  I'm still here, right where I've always been.  My shift in focus is designed to concentrate my activities and thoughts into a more powerful stream.  There will still be multiple blogs, but some uses of my time and brain power had to be evaluated, judged, and weighed on the scale.  RErockstar will continue on, much as it probably will for many, many years.  San Antonio Rocks will continue to be a view into the city I call home.  "I saw it in San Antonio." will continue to show bits and pieces of my life through my iPhone.  But there is more.  Some of it quietly revealed recently on Facebook, some of it merely hinted at.  I have much more to get out of this skull of mine, so expect to hear'll just have to be listening in the right places.

photo courtesy of law_keven

I don't know what will happen to my posts, but I have backed them all up.  I guess after I pass the 90 day mark, my account will cease to exist and the lights will go dark.  It'll be a bit melancholy when it happens, but I'll make it just fine.

Comment balloon 22 commentsMatt Stigliano • April 19 2011 10:24PM
Where do I start? At the end of course.
End. Beginning. Beginning. End. Life. Death. Endless circles… alright, I'll cut the nonsense. I'm here to wish you all farewell. I'm leaving ActiveRain. My reasons are varied, but none are earth shattering. There is no sudden "… more