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Rockstars and Real Estate at The Hip Roof - Monday 1PM (Eastern) Webinar with Matt Stigliano

The Hip Roof - For Real Estate ProsWhat do rock and roll and real estate have in common?

Me.  If you've known me for awhile, you probably now that I don't just call myself "rerockstar" because it sounds good.  It's actually rooted in my past.  This week, Monday March 7th, join us at The Hip Roof at 1PM (Eastern) as Maya Paveza grills me on rockstars and real estate.

The Hip Roof held their first webinar last week with ActiveRain's Ben Kinney and it was a an hour full of interesting facts and information about what makes Ben Kinney tick and how he's using different tools - traditional and technological - to increase his business.

If you haven't signed up for The Hip Roof yet, come and check it out.  The forums are active and full of agents asking and answering questions - sharing ideas and thoughts on how to utilize today's tools and grow your business.  There's even a bit of fun.  Of course, I'd be crazy not to mention The Devil's Avocado, my blog about all the ideas and thoughts on the real estate industry.  Part confessional, part ravings of a madman, it's a blog I've had in my head for too long.  So come join us over at The Hip Roof and bring your questions to the webinar on Monday at 1PM (Eastern).  I'll be there - will you?

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Mark McGrath - Sugar Ray

I recently posted this photo of a much younger Mark McGrath and I on Facebook, thought I'd share it with you here.

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What do rock and roll and real estate have in common? Me. If you've known me for awhile, you probably now that I don't just call myself " rerockstar " because it sounds good. It's actually rooted in my past. This week, Monday… more
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