San Antonio's Rockstar Turned Realtor®: Is Go Daddy.Com Blocking Business from Reaching You?

Is Go Daddy.Com Blocking Business from Reaching You?


I've never liked GoDaddy.

I mentioned in my comments to Elizabeth that I use Dreamhost and have discount codes to bring the cost to $6.99/month for unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and much more - including one free domain registration.

If you'd like the code, here it is:


You can enter the code at checkout or just follow the link above and the discount will automatically be applied in all of the information as you sign up.



email account at go daddyIf you're an Internet user who maintains a domain account at Go Daddy, this blog is for you. Because there is something happening at the domain name, web hosting business of Go Daddy that you might not know about. Of course, if you're a small business owner who relies on your domain email account, then this could really affect you. Here's the deal: Go Daddy blocks emails from you. And you can't change it.

That's not so bad if it's the occasional spam email that doesn't get through to your account, but what if it's a potential customer or client who can't reach you? How would you feel about Go Daddy then?

I spoke to Active Brad over at yesterday who mentioned the huge number of leads I've been receiving from Zillow, leads that I pay to get. However, I haven't been receiving those leads. That's because they are emailed to my domain email account through Go Daddy, and Go Daddy has been blocking them. I know this because I went to Zillow and changed my email account to a Surewest email address. Sure enough, a lead came through.

I called Go Daddy 3 times. After sitting on hold the first go-around, I was disconnected after 15 minutes. The second time, I got through to a guy, but he was unable to help me. The third time, the customer service guy at Go Daddy said it certainly appears that Go Daddy is blocking my leads from Zillow, but Go Daddy did not have any systems in place to fix this little quirk. Because to fix it for me would mean changing their system for other customers who did not want email from services such as Zillow.

This seems a bit counter productive and very non-customer oriented to me. In the bigger scheme of things, I've prepaid Go Daddy for a number of years in advance. It's not that much money to lose in comparison to what I pay for leads that can't reach me if I send those leads to my email at Go Daddy. It also makes me wonder that since I am not receiving email leads from Zillow, what else is Go Daddy blocking from reaching me? Who else can't get through to me because of my domain account at Go Daddy??

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Comment balloon 8 commentsMatt Stigliano • January 19 2011 11:01AM


Hmmm.....  My web designer just moved me from GoDaddy to something smaller for the reasons you just listed here.  So far, so good.

Posted by Patsy Overton (Patsy Overton Interiors, Atlanta, Georgia) almost 8 years ago

Yikes that can't be good! Lucky for me I'm required to use my companies email that doesn't block anything.

Posted by Andres Munar, Experience The Difference (Keystone Alliance Mortgage ) almost 8 years ago

very interesting.  This is something that I better look into


Gary De Pury, SFR

Posted by Gary De Pury, ESQ. (Bay Vista Realty) almost 8 years ago

Thanks for letting us know!  I sure don't want anything blocked from mine!

Posted by Sussie Sutton, UTR TEXAS Realtors - Rep for buyers and sellers. (UTR Texas Realtors) almost 8 years ago

Hi Matt, looking into switching my domains and hosting from godaddy. How terrible can this be, My domains do not expire all the same time. Some expire next month and others 6+ months down.

Posted by Eva Aliaga, Boca Raton & Delray Beach: SE Florida Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty Boca Raton almost 8 years ago

Use Godaddy for it's intended purpose, buying domain names, and leave the hosting and email stuff to other companies.

Posted by Roger Johnson, Realtor - Hickory NC Real Estate (Hickory Real Estate Group) almost 8 years ago

Eva - The domain registration and hosting are two separate things.  You can have domain names at GoDaddy transferred to your new host without any trouble (well, there shouldn't be any trouble, but I have found GoDaddy to be sluggish when transferring).  Any good host will gladly help you do it.  The hosting is a completely separate world and transferring that would be a matter to discuss with your new host.  Many hosts will assist in the transfer of the files.

Roger - I won't even use them for that.  Why register your domain one place, then go somewhere else to host it or use email services?  Any reputable hosting company will also register the domains for you.  Some companies, like Dreamhost, will even give you a free domain registration when you sign up with them.  Register the site where it's going to be hosted.  And if you move to a new hosting company, have the former registrar transfer the domain registration over to your new host.

Posted by Matt Stigliano (Kimberly Howell Properties (210) 646-HOME) almost 8 years ago

Matt...this is all very, very interesting conversation. When I shut down my iHouse website and moved to a Wordpress site, I was without a place for e-mail. (Wordpress has no such function...) So, my IDX provider suggested Newtek, powered by Crystaltech. Their e-mail looks like a mirror image of Outlook.

I mentioned this to a Mastermind group I am in that we all work together on our blogs, and one person said I should of just got my e-mail from GoDaddy. And I was thinking about moving it there to make life simple.

Decision to be re-thought. Thanks for this info!


Posted by Thom Abbott, Midtown Atlanta GA Condos For Sale ( |770.713.1505 | Intown Atlanta GA Condo Living) almost 8 years ago